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Enhance the power of your website, and improve your sales revenue and customer satisfaction all in one single tool.

Why WP WebTools:
  1. Website Statistic and Detail Visitor Information Tracking (ie. visitor city, prov/state, country, time spend, URL visited, etc)
  2. Live Support Chat (ie. Real Time conversation chat room, agent / manager request, etc.)
  3. Sales initiate Conversation (Take control in the sales cycle, initiate your sales conversation instead of waiting)
  4. Shop with Your Visitors (Whenever a visitor start and end a conversation, he/she will automatically connect back to the same operator until the current visit ends)
  5. True Multi-Tasking and Cost Saving, and improve customers' satisfaction all together.
  6. Multi-Languages Supported
  7. Multi-Website Supported (Same group of operators can work on multiple websites at the same time [Call / Support Center Solution])
  8. Dedicated Database to ensure strong security and privacy protection
  9. Email Marketing (Auto record all provided visitor email address and retrieve them based on a many different method by your need)
  10. Create Email Marketing Campaign based on visitor location, interested topic, visited URL, etc
  11. Operator Comparison Report giving you a detail understanding of your operator performance.
  12. Simple management and Multi-View Reporting System (ie. Email List Control, Multi-aspect reports, etc)
  13. Offline Message Board (When all operator offline, message board will display and email to you team.)
  14. Free and Standard Version Available (Please see Pricing & Comparison for details)
  15. No Hosting / Additional Hardware Required, all take care by White Panel
  16. Simple Copy & Paste installation procedure
  17. SSL 128 / 256Bit Secure Channel (Available Only for Standard Version)
  18. And Countless more, why don't you try a test drive ?