WebTools Intro.
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Enhance the power of your website, and improve your sales revenue and customer satisfaction all in one single tool.

    Nowadays, doing business is much harder than ever, we need to provide our customers with the best goods and services, as well as being very competitive in the marketplace in order to survive. Because of this, every information and opportunity we can receive from customers is extremely valuable.

    Many businesses have implement customer satisfaction system in their business, but how about websites? Don’t you realize there are many valuable information and opportunities you can be gather from your website but have been missed it? If we can use the customer information and opportunity wisely, it can greatly improve the chances of closing deals and provide more suitable and cost effective marketing campaigns for our business.

    The main concept of designing White Panel WebTools, is to provide a powerful and convenience website tool which can drive information and opportunities into revenue. It separated into 3 main parts, The Real Time Visitor Statistic Tracking, the Live Support Chat, and the Sales Initiate Sales Practice, each of them have their unique value to your website:
    • Real Time Visitor Statistic Tracking: Information gathering such as visitor geometric location information (city, province/state, country), time spend on each page, when did they come to visit, what information did they interested the most, tools (web browser, operating system), etc. More importantly, if your visitor is still in your website, you may start your "Sales Initiate Conversation" to your visitor (see below).
    • Live Support: If your visitor requires further information or wish to talk to an operator, he/she can simply click on the "Live Chat" Icons, a chat room will automatically appears and they can start their conversation in the private chat room. Note: Our "Live Chat" also support "Shop with Your Visitors" feature, which is, when a visitor have started and ended a conversation with an operator, he / she will be automatically reconnect back to the same operator if they restart the conversation, or until the end of the visit, make your visitor conversation continuous, no need to re-tell the history all over again to a new operator and improve visitor shopping experience.
    • Sales Initiate Sales Practice: Whenever a visitor come to your website, your operator (sales) can start a Sales Initiate Conversation to the visitor. Your visitor will then see a text message on the screen in a very "gentle" manner. Your visitor may have a choice to ignore the conversation, to reject it, or to accept it and further discuss with the operator (note, the operator entered message will be display on the visitor screen through your website, it is wise to use some "non-machinery like" message, or else the visitor will think this is a system generated message and simply ignore it).
    • In additions, all email addresses (in any way, such as message board, pre-chat information form, etc) provided in your White Panel will be saved and can be retrieved from the Marketing Email List, which is a very handy tool.

    The WP also comes with a simple management system to better handle your information. Make it more accessible to your business. For example, Email List Control (based on locations, conversation details, visited URL, etc), multiple view reporting (report based on different aspect. Such as, geometric locations, operators, keywords in conversation, web browser, etc) and a lot more.