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The default White Panel Solutions comes with the "Shop with Your Visitors". In order to work with it, operators cannot close the Chat Room (that is the key, if the operator close the Chat Room, the Chat Room will be expired in one minute and the visitor message will return back the general pool), due to the reason that the user might be in your website and stays for a long time, if the visitor cannot be release back to the general pool, that might happen that the visitor request to the original operator which has already off for duties. Therefore, to avoid this is happening, operator should logout and close all the chat rooms if they are off duties. If the visitor has eventually surf away from your site, the chat room will be expired (in 1 minute) and the line in the control panel for this visitor will disappeared.

Let us make a scenario to better understand this feature. If Peter and Jane, both are operators, and Linda and Mary, who is visitors. Peter start a conversation with Linda, Linda talk to peter for a while and she think all her questions has been answered, so she close the Chat Window. Peter see a signal saids Linda is no longer in the Chat Room. Now, Peter keeps the Chat Room Open and use the different chat room to talk to other people. Peter can still see Linda in the control panel and she is watching something in the website. If Peter now type in conversation with Linda in the Chat Room (but Linda has already close the chat window), Linda will see the message through the Website (Message will only delivered to Linda, not other visitors). Now, if Linda wants to ask a new questions, she click on the Chat Request again, it will automatically get back to the original Chat Room with Peter. After a couple of conversations, Linda received all the answers and she close the chat room again, Peter can still see Linda is still on the website and is watching the particular page.

Now, within the whole conversation with Linda and Peter, all messages from Linda is delivered to Peter. However, if Peter is now off duties and want to logout and go home, he close the all the opened chat room (included Linda's) and logout from White Panel. The system now indicate Peter is gone, and Linda is now open back to public. Now Jane can be able to talk to Linda now and start a new conversation with Linda. Now, after couple of conversations, Linda finished what she asks and close the chat window. As usual, Jane do not close the Chat Room, and Jane can still see Linda is surfing arround in the website.

Finally, Linda surf away from your website. After 1 minute, Jane see Linda is no longer in the Website (Linda line is disappeared in the control panel), and at the same time, The Chat Room used to talk to Linda is also expired (no matter Jane never close the Chat Room), this indicate Linda is gone, so Jane can now close the Chat Room.

The idea and trick behind the "Shop with Your Visitors" feature is simple, "Do not close the Chat Room until the visitor surf away from your website".

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