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Section: Glossary and Terminology
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In White Panel, we use some terminology to describe some of the features, cases and scenarios. In additions, we will discuss how we can use them to benefit with our business. It is very important to understand all the terms we use, since you will see these words throughout all documents and the whole program.

  • * Always indicate this is a required field in all forms
  • * Always indicate this is a similar pattern serach
  • WP: Short for White Panel Solutions.
  • Web / Visitor Chat: Refers to the actual chat process between you and your visitors
  • Chat Request: A User / Client / Visitor Chat is being requested to you.
  • Track or Tracking: Refers to tracking down and recording all your visitors information and behaviour on your website
  • User Chat / Support: Refers to User-to-User chating (not visitors / client)
  • User-Client Chat: Refers to User-to-Client chating (not visitors / User)
  • Session: Refers to a single visit in your website (From Start to End). For example, if a visitor go into your website, browser 1000 pages, then browser away from your website or close the bowser, in this case, the program will consider this visitor has just finished "ONE single Session".
  • Sort / Sort Method: The listing order sort method.
  • Operator / Operating Users: Refers to the user who is ready to chat with visitors
  • User: General Use: defined the person who have access to your White Panel and will perform work in it. Permission Use: The lowest previledge in the WP, can only perform User / Visitor Chat, plus review their own history
  • Supervisor: can control and monitor all users limited to their own store.
  • Manager: can control and monitor all users and supervisors in all stores
  • Note: Users, Supervisors and Managers can become an operator.
  • Tracking Signal: a little ball indicate what is the current status for the visitor track, flashing / blinking ball means you are allow to enter.
  • Tracking Signal (no Request): a solid white ball indicates no action, anyone can access it
  • For further information on Tracking Signal, please review the bottom of Visitor Control Panel.
  • Manager Request: if an operator / visitor request to speak to a manager. Only Manager, same store Supervisor or the current operator can be able to pickup this request.
  • Agent Request: request for a specific user, supervisor or manager. If this is requested by a visitor, it required User ID, otherwise, a list of online users, supervisor or managers will be provided.
  • Co-Browsing / Shop with Visitors: Refers to browse your website with your visitors. When a visitor is still under their session, and they have, in any form, chated with an operator and exit the chat room, he/she can re-connect back to the same operator if they required further assistant (As long as the operator do not exit the chat room). In this case, once the visitor exit the chat room, the further conversation by the operator will become "Sales Initial Conversation" like, which means, it will display it on the visitor screen inside your website. If the visitor decided to walk away from your website, your operator will receive a signal indicate the whole session is expired, and the line of this visitor session will disappeared.
  • Sales (Initial / Initiated) Chat or Conversation: If an operator initial a sales conversation "before" the visitor request for a chat, this is "Sales Initial Chat", the visitor will see a conversation bubble on your website which contains what you wish to say to this visitor. Whenever the visitor start to talk to the operator, the conversation bubble will disappeared and the real chat will begin. Note: the visitor may have an option (in the conversation bubble) to reject the message, the operator will then see a red tracking signal indicate the conversation is being rejected.
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