Pricing & Comparison
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The White Panel Solutions seperated into 2 versions, Free Beta and Standard. All details are listed below:

WP Beta WP Standard
Website & Visitor Statistic
Live Support Chat
Sales Initiate Conversation
Shop with Visitors
Offline Message Board
Multi-Language Support
Multi-Website Support
Marketing Email List
Operator Performance Reps.
Multi-View Reporting System
Servers & Connections
Server Setting Basic Shared Hosting High Performance Clusters
Database Sharing Dedicated Dedicated
SSL Secure Channel
User License 1 (Upgrade N.A.) 1 (Upgradeable)
Store / Dept. License 1 (Upgrade N.A.) Unlimited
Options to Customize
Pricing (per User) Free $29.95 /mo.
  1. Quantity discount is available (starting from 10 Users), please contact us for further details.
  2. All Price Listed here is in Canadian Dollars Only (CAD).
  3. Beta Version has the maximum limit of 1 User and 1 Store.